Monday, October 14, 2013

Setting up a spare fridge for dry aging of beef...

So I got this bug to dry age some beef. Now I know there is controversy around dry vs wet aging when it comes to home use. I intend to monitor and control the environment as best I can and to give it a whirl! I am extremely excited about being able to age my own beef cuts to make roasts, steaks & killer ground beef!

I plan on using a Microcomputer to monitor the environment and to document the aging process

So I need some parts....

   1) A fridge (My cousin hooked me up with a nice, gently used Frigidaire)
   2) A fan to circulate the air
   3) A system to monitor the temperature and humidity (will be using a Raspberry Pi for this)
     a) Raspberry Pi - Model B
     b) Temperature/Humidity Sensor
     c) Raspberry Pi Mini Camera
     d) USB Wifi to get pics and data off the Raspberry Pi microcomputer
   4) Replace fridge light with a CFL or LED light and remove switch that turns off the light (smile!)
   5) If needed, a small humidifier
     a) A way to control the humidifier (best to just regulate it's power, ie on/off)

And I need to iron out some processes...

   1) A software solution to read sensor output and send to a database
   2) A software solution to take pics every X seconds and upload to a server
   3) A software solution to view both the sensor data and pics over the web
   4) Get AC power into the fridge for 2-3 components

I ordered 2-3 already and am looking forward to getting it all working! Keep posted for updates!!!